Types Of Laminate We Carry Ashburn | Sterling | Reston | Herndon | Leesburg | Dulles VA

Because of its ability to simulate more expensive flooring options such as hardwood, ceramic, and tile, laminate flooring has quickly become a very popular choice among homeowners and commercial properties. In addition to the variety of textures and designs possible with laminate, it is also a durable, affordable, and easy to maintain flooring option when compared to other hard surface floors. They can withstand a lot of wear, fight stains, and aren’t as susceptible to sun damage as other material. With all of the different ways to add texture with different finishes, laminate is a excellent alternative for your home.

Laminate floors have a direct pressure surface that stops scratches or spills from leaving a mark. There is a clear surface layer on the top of the visible pattern that protects it, and is also difficult to penetrate by pet scratches and even cigarette burns. This makes the cleaning process as simple as vacuuming or wiping it off with a damp cloth.

At Floor & Beyond, we offer a huge selection of colors, design, and grades to match the design of your home. Whether you are looking for laminate to emulate hardwood floors, or a simple flat color floor for a playroom, we have it all. You no longer have to pay a big price tag to have beautiful, elegant looking floors. Call us today to learn more about the different laminate flooring options we offer.