How To Buy Hardwood Ashburn | Sterling | Reston | Herndon | Leesburg | Dulles VA

Hardwood floors make a home feel warm, inviting, and elegant. In addition, they can also increase the value of your home. However, buying them can be a somewhat daunting task if you have never done it before. But no need to worry, we can help you along the process and and show you how to buy hardwood floors.

You can install hardwood floors on any level of your home. Because it’s created in a variety of constructions, it is extremely flexible and has the ability to be installed over different types of subfloors. The type of subfloor you have will determine what type of hardwood you should install. We can help you determine this. The three primary types of subfloor that you can install hardwood over include:

  • Concrete below ground level (basement)

  • Ground level concrete

  • Plywood that is at ground level or above ground level

The 4 constructions of hardwood for each type of subfloor mentioned above are:

  • ¾-in solid wood floors: Can be installed on Plywood at or above ground level

  • 5/16-in solid wood floors: Can be installed on concrete at ground level or plywood at or above ground level.

  • Engineered wood floors: Can be installed on all 3 subfloors

  • Locking wood floors: Can be installed on all 3 subfloors

Another important factor to consider when buying hardwood floors is the moisture level. The moisture levels will likely change over time, and can create issues such as warped wood and gaps. We will be able to match the right type of wood with the level of moisture in your home, so you do not have to worry about this. In some cases, we may choose to install a moisture barrier to mitigate the effects of moisture in some rooms.

When you setup your initial consultation with us, we will go over the different options available for your home based on moisture level, the subfloors, the style of your home, your personal preferences, and many other factors. We will help you choose a specific species and construction of hardwood, as well as go over different staining options to get your floors as dark or light as you would like.

Call Floor & Beyond at (703) 339-8983 to get more information about buying hardwood floors, as well as getting them installed. We look forward to hearing from you.